“I can’t, I can!”

I am in way over my head! An old dog can not learn new tricks – who do I think I am? I will never understand all this new technology and I will never succeed in touching other people’s lives. ALL THIS from a self sabotaging little girl talking in my brain!

One minute later, I shove a large sock in her mouth and the present day adult, self-confident red-head starts talking!

I have lived through more loss issues than most people my age and through it all, I have not only survived, I have thrived! So why should this BLOG intimidate ME? I have shared my experience and told my story to hundreds of people through speaking engagements, support groups and newsletter articles. Now this is just a new gig – learning how to touch, help and support a new population of people – those who blog and those who read blogs.

My pictures are “stock photos” and I am just beginning to figure out “links,” but like those who are journeying through grief, I am just taking one step at a time. Breathing when I become frustrated, tuning out the chatter of negative thoughts and starting over if necessary.blog images - footprint

How can I help YOU to take YOUR first step?

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2 Responses to “I can’t, I can!”

  1. mrsmunger says:

    You can, you ARE and you will CONTINUE, Kath. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other and every once in a while, look behind you to see how many footprints you’ve made to bring yourself to where you are at this very moment in your life.

    • Greet Grief says:

      I am always awed how the footsteps of our past bring us to a future that we could never imagine. Looking forward to seeing where your steps will lead and the joy that will await!

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