Resurrection Robins

It is cold in the house this morning as I leave the comfort of my warm bed and enter the ceramic shower stall. Despite the chill and the fact that I once again don two layers of clothing on April 15th, my spirit is lifted up by the sunshine.

My mood is dashed however, when I put the blind completely up. Snow is sticking to the grass and covering the entire deck in this never-ending cycle of winter that has robbed Wisconsin of spring.

Stopping at the window to take a closer look, I notice robins who are fighting, flitting from branch to branch in the Skyline Locust right outside the window.

Their spring tasks of defending territories, building nests, and making babies seem undaunted by the snow.

Watching them, I am struck by a memory and my thoughts turn to LORRAINE.

Lorraine is a dear friend of my aunt and uncle, and I spend many hours with her during my childhood until her death fifteen years ago.

There are many lessons learned from Lorraine, but today the robin story comes to mind.

“Spring is NOT official until the robins get snowed on three times,” Lorraine instructed.

I chuckle thinking of that and pray that the snow flurries mixed with rain that we received a few days ago, will count towards that number. If so, we need only one more storm to welcome in spring.

Our deceased loved ones come to us throughout our lives. They visit us in dreams, through a song we hear on the radio, through animal messengers and nature’s beauty.

The parts of themselves that they share with us bring memories flooding back after they leave. It is the little things, their tidbits of wisdom, their quirks and unique perspectives on life that become a part of their legacy.

During this Holy Week, I think of all the departed saints whose Resurrection is promised. I think of my Resurrection out of the cold harsh winter, into the new growth of spring as I watch the robins darting through the snow.

It was great to think of you as you visited, Lorraine – Happy Easter!


Have you received a visit from a loved one lately?

What are the pearls of wisdom or memories have they left?

Is there a resurrection going on in your life?

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3 Responses to Resurrection Robins

  1. Hi after my son died a little red robin appeared all the time so I wrote a poem about it and put it in my first published book it goes like this remember when I get upset I speak in my own Scottish dialect.
    enjoy want to know more let me know

    the robin wi skinny legs and fat belly
    standing in the snaw
    quivering like jelly
    open wings and fanned tail
    leaving footprints in its trail
    hopped awa gaithering twigs fur a nest
    perched in a bramble bush tae rest
    gulped doun breed so fast
    losing it in flight from its grasp
    dropping tae the ground without a sound
    wings ablur in flight
    going tae and fro oot oh sight
    way up in the clouds flying
    through the mist
    it feels like heaven its pure bliss
    tak’ing care of the ones above
    looking doun on the ones we love .

    • Greet Grief says:

      Annie, I love that a robin appeared to you as a messenger that your son is ok. My experience was with dancing deer (written in my blog – The Day the Deer Danced). Your poem is lovely and I hope that writing has given you some relief to what must be immense grief? Thank you for taking time to read and reply – please stay in touch

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