What are the words to your grief song?

I turn up the volume of the TV when Ellen DeGeneres announces that one of her favorite singers is going to perform on her show.  It is Joshua Radin and the song is, “Beautiful Day.”

I focus all my attention on the words and a few of the lines jump out at me and enter my memory in a random fashion.

“What gets broken gets stronger when it mends.”

“Let’s not forget we are alive.”

“Oh my – my.”

These stanzas resonate with me for so many reasons.

First, I think of my story of multiple losses and about my ability to recover and to thrive.  I think about the remarkable ability that human beings have to mend and to actually get stronger because of their losses.  I know now, years after the trauma that without having been broken, I would not be the person I am today.

I think about how long it takes many of us to travel down the arduous path of grief and mourning and the choice we need to make to re-enter life.  Our challenge despite our loss is to acknowledge that life is a gift.

When I recall my life journey and think about all I have lived through, along with all the gifts I continue to receive with gratitude, all I can say is – OH, MY MY!

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1 Response to What are the words to your grief song?

  1. suzjones says:

    I can only say “Amen”. 🙂

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