Hang on to HOPE – The Sun is Shining Somewhere

I am grieving the lack of sun

and terribly depressed.

My fingers are numb and I can’t feel the rest,

even though my body is fully dressed.

 Those around me stay cheerful and recite the lines

that the sun is out somewhere, to them it is very benign.

They don heavy layers and rush out the door,

I look for the nearest heat register and lay down on the floor.

There is a glimmer of hope when I see a faint change

in the sliver of sun coming through the frosted pane.

I gasp when I see it and it passes as fast

as the bag of M&M’s I bought that didn’t last.

Looking back through the years this gloominess reminds me

of my early days as a widow when I couldn’t see,

that this too shall pass,

the darkness and gloom,

my grief was a nightmare that didn’t end soon.

But eventually, you notice the support of family and friends,

your faith and inner strength that never ends.

You will carry the scar for the rest of your life

but as the days grow longer and brighter,

it won’t cut like a knife.

So while in the trenches of grief and despair,

remember one thing:

The sun is out there somewhere!

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2 Responses to Hang on to HOPE – The Sun is Shining Somewhere

  1. elainemansfield says:

    It is out there along with warmth. Surely it is. A hard time of year as the whole world feels frozen forever in the land of grief and death.

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