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Help Within A Stone

The teary-eyed, middle-aged woman sits across from me with her head resting in her left hand.  Her little finger is in her mouth; the nail being bitten off.  The white-haired man beside her repeatedly wipes his weather-worn hands on his … Continue reading

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The Lesson Learned From Someone Else’s Loss

The voice inside my head starts talking loudly every time I drive to the gym.  It says things like, “I hate exercising inside on such a nice day.  What’s the point when all it seems to do is make me … Continue reading

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Buried in Clutter, Lost in Denial

Our elderly neighbors seldom come outside despite the park-like setting of their suburban yard.  We watch the exterior of their home deteriorate from lack of paint, boards coming loose and holes from animals welcoming decay. Three walls of the home’s … Continue reading

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Lost and Looking for Happy

I know I am wearing clothes and shoes, and that my toddler son is in my arms. There are people from all walks of life going in and out and pushing past us as I stare blankly at the menu. … Continue reading

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A Picture Paints A Thousand Words

I saw a Twitter post a few weeks ago about “Selfies” being taken at funerals and I have to admit I panicked thinking that people were somehow including the deceased in the picture. Thank goodness I was wrong – the … Continue reading

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