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Reliving and Remembering 25 Years Ago Today

There are days in your life that replay over and over in your memory and this will be one I never forget.  It is Tuesday, February 13th, 1990.  My husband Chris goes to his roofing job before sunrise, not waking … Continue reading

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Fully Alive While Waiting

There are a number of bracelets on her emaciated left wrist; some with crystal beads strung on elastic, another with tiny crosses and charms.  The purplish-pink one with the letters DNR is the one I notice first.   We are visiting … Continue reading

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A Messy Riot of a Life

I am the “Queen of Plan B.”  I pride myself on being flexible, being able to drop whatever I am doing if something more important presents itself.  Something more important could mean responding to a serious health crisis of a … Continue reading

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Dancing with your Grief

Anyone grieving the death of a significant person in their life can tell you that it is a rollercoaster ride.  Most describe emotions vacillating between highs and lows for many months, even years.  Right when you think it’s over, another … Continue reading

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The Kitchen is the Heart of the Home and the Center of my Grief

It has taken a year, both of us working full-time, to save for the down payment for our first home.  The lannon-stone house built in the 1950s, sits on a half-acre lot, nestled between farmland.  There is no extra money … Continue reading

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Just an Ordinary Day

I originally posted this last September but it’s message is just as important each year that we pause on September 11th.  Thousands of people died here in the USA that dreadful day, and more died all around the world.  I … Continue reading

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Grieving on Throwback Thursday

I try to see the glass half-full and think of myself as a positive person, but I have to admit, I HATE Throwback Thursday! Not being able to completely figure out why I have such an aversion to the seemingly … Continue reading

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