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Mountain Top Moments

“Sometimes just looking up and out brings the gift of healing.” Continue reading

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Help Within A Stone

The teary-eyed, middle-aged woman sits across from me with her head resting in her left hand.  Her little finger is in her mouth; the nail being bitten off.  The white-haired man beside her repeatedly wipes his weather-worn hands on his … Continue reading

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Back To My Grief As I Drive On

I have just dropped my husband Jeff off at the Harley Davidson dealer so that he could free our Road King from its inactive winter storage.  Traveling back home in the right lane of a two-lane road, the red light … Continue reading

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What Losses Are Happening In Your World?

Things that shouldn’t happen happened multiple times this week.  Reading the paper you understand the tragedies occurring throughout the world, the unrest within our communities and the turmoil within people’s lives. These are the life-changing stories that took place in … Continue reading

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Lost and Looking for Happy

I know I am wearing clothes and shoes, and that my toddler son is in my arms. There are people from all walks of life going in and out and pushing past us as I stare blankly at the menu. … Continue reading

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Grieving on Throwback Thursday

I try to see the glass half-full and think of myself as a positive person, but I have to admit, I HATE Throwback Thursday! Not being able to completely figure out why I have such an aversion to the seemingly … Continue reading

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Mother Earth Eases My Grief

I have always loved nature. Our only family vacations took place in a little town in northeastern, Wisconsin where my great-aunt and uncle own a cabin.  I was still in diapers when I started going there in the 60’s. Not much of … Continue reading

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